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Suno AI Features

Regarding Suno AI Generator

Can Generate Complete Songs

Suno AI can generate complete 2-minute songs including lyrics, melody, and accompaniment from simple prompts, rather than just snippets or accompaniments, which sets it apart from previous AI music generation tools.

Free to Use

Suno is currently open for free use to all users, who can generate songs for free through the Suno website or Discord channel.

Supports Various Music Styles

The latest version V3 of Suno has added a wider range of music styles and genres, including rock, heavy metal, Chinese classical, pop, country, etc. Users can choose different music styles according to their needs.

Complex Copyright Issues

There are still some legal complexities and uncertainties regarding the copyright ownership of music works generated by Suno, which is an issue that needs further clarification.

Offers Different Paid Versions

Suno offers three paid plans: Free, Professional, and Premium. The Free plan allows 50 points per day for generating 10 songs, which cannot be used for commercial purposes; while the Professional and Premium plans provide more points and commercial rights.

Global Support

Suno supports input and output of songs in over 50 languages including English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, etc. This makes Suno widely applicable.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Suno AI is a web-based text-to-music generator capable of crafting complete songs in seconds based on simple text prompts. For instance, requesting a 'psychedelic UK garage song about a friend with a Nokia obsession' results in a couple of two-minute songs with vocals, instrumentation, lyrics, song titles, and even artwork.
  • Suno ai operates similarly to large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, utilizing extensive training data, including speech recordings, to generate original songs and lyrics based on user prompts. While LLMs predict text sequences, Suno faces a greater challenge in generating music. However, specifics about Suno's training data remain unclear.
  • Suno ai is incredibly user-friendly, which may be concerning for those in the music industry reliant on traditional methods. Simply visit the Suno website, create a free account, and navigate to the 'Create' section. In this section, you'll find a concise box where you can describe your desired song. It's essential to specify the music style (genre) and the song's topic. While you can't request a specific artist's style due to Suno's lack of label licenses, you can still craft unique compositions tailored to your preferences.
  • With Suno ai, ownership of the songs created depends on the plan you're subscribed to. If you're on the Pro or Premier plans, you retain ownership of the songs. However, as a free user, Suno maintains ownership of the generated songs. It's important to note that this ownership distinction differs from copyright ownership. Suno's FAQ section highlights that the extent and availability of copyright protection for content generated using artificial intelligence are subject to complex and evolving legal considerations, which can vary across countries.
  • A potential direction for Suno is illustrated by Google's Dream Track, which has partnered with artists to enable early users to generate AI soundtracks for their YouTube Shorts. Should Suno secure collaborations with music labels, it could leverage your favorite artists as inspiration to generate AI-generated tracks in their signature styles. Suno's CEO Mikey Shulman expressed this vision in an interview with Lightspeed Venture Partners, suggesting a future where users could prompt the model with a specific Taylor Swift song, once licensing uncertainties are resolved.